Patent Protection in Life Sciences for Start-ups and Investors

Investment in your Intellectual Property (IP) and patent protection in Life Sciences is critical for Start-ups and Investors. It is an important step to make as early as possible. In this article, our Commercial Manager, Hugh Symons shares the key reasons behind protecting your intellectual property below.

  • IP creates new revenue

Once you have your life sciences patent portfolio you can build more revenue streams to further your growth. You can licence your IP in countries where you are not currently based. This can result in a steady stream of income for you. In the future, if you find your IP at a surplus, you can sell your IP rights fund further growth.

  • Demonstration of Patent Protection attracts investment in Life Sciences

For start-ups, securing IP at/or before pre-seed funding stages will give you a competitive advantage in your market. This is most appealing to investors. A secure life sciences portfolio makes finding investment easier which will allow the company to expand.

For investors, ensuring that your partners have IP protection from the onset avoids potential operational risks further down the line due to the ‘first-to-file’ nature of IP. IP in the Life Sciences sector provides security for your investment for years to come. Freedom to Operate (FTO) analysis allows you to check if there are existing organisations in the market you are looking to invest in.

  • Patented Inventions can reduce your tax

The Patent Box was created by the UK government to encourage companies to keep and commercialise intellectual property within the UK. It allows companies to apply a lower rate of Corporation Tax to profits earned from its patented inventions. To do this, companies must elect into the Patent Box to apply the lower rate of Corporation Tax, which is 10%.

  • A strong IP portfolio in life sciences is a growth asset

Every business is only as strong as their IP portfolio with an average of 60% of your market value being your IP. This means that, unlike most other assets, as your company grows so too does the value of your IP. A strong patent, trademark and design portfolio is the basis of later success.

How Avidity IP can assist you in using patent protection in Life Sciences

If you are looking to create your IP portfolio or would like advice on your existing IP portfolio, our team is always on hand for you.

For start-ups, Avidity IP offers an initial consultation with an Attorney at no cost. As IP specialists in Life Sciences, our expert team can take you through the entire IP journey from concept to drafting, prosecution, EP oppositions, litigation, and commercialisation.

For those seeking investment, our strategic IP services allow you to secure your investment, which vary from Freedom to Operate analysis to risk management & competitive landscape analysis.

Contact Avidity IP’s Commercial Manager, Hugh Symons to book in a meeting here:

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