Bespoke Webinars on Intellectual Property for your Team

At Avidity, we have started a new initiative to work closely with our clients and associates. In the new year, we will increase our bespoke webinars. This is so that you can gain a better understanding of how we work with you. Through this initiative, we have increased transparency between law firms. As well as, exchanging knowledge within Intellectual Property with the teams that we work alongside.

Our past Bespoke Webinars

So far, we have spoken with numerous law firms this year in US and UK. Early next year, we will have discussions with a firm in Life Sciences. These firms have had the opportunity to talk to our IP professionals who work in specialised fields relevant to them.

Joeeta Murphy, Senior Managing Attorney, co-hosted many of the Webinars. This has helped to create a bespoke experience for those companies that wish to find out exactly what we can do for them when filing into the UKIPO and the EPO.

Alex Povey, Patent Attorney, co-hosted our Webinar for Morrison & Foerster LLP and continues to work closely with our clients and associates.

We can create Webinars for firms specialising in:

Please do not hesitate to contact us, and we can discuss how to take this forward together.