Inquiry Caseworker

New vacancy for a Inquiry Caseworker in our Major Inquests and Inquires Department

Avidity IP (part of the MAPD Group) are instructed by CBFFJ UK to represent them at the Statutory Public Inquiry into the Covid-19 pandemic. CBFFJ UK have in excess of 7000 members.

The Inquiry is now under way and we are currently looking to expand our team of case workers.

The work of the team is challenging, both professionally and personally. You will be in contact with bereaved families when they are still in the midst of the grieving process. You will therefore need to be capable of being compassionate whilst remaining professional. You will need to understand the range of emotions our clients will be experiencing from extreme loss to intense anger and frustration.

Joining our team will mean that you get the opportunity to work with some of the top Human Rights Lawyers in the country and to be part of the largest Statutory Public Inquiry in British History.

The work you will be undertaking will largely be the analysis and summarising of thousands of documents disclosed to us from the Inquiry. You will need to have a keen eye for detail, an ability to read and analyse large volumes of material and be competent in managing your time effectively. You will be self motivated and keen to assist in driving the development of the case and meeting your own targets.

Key accountabilities:

  1. To read and analyse documentation disclosed by the Inquiry
  2. To summarise disclosure and identify areas of interest and themes
  3. To liaise with Counsel on areas of work
  4. To provide client care services including file opening, introductory and ongoing calls and continuing file management
  5. To be part of a weekly client care inbox rota
  6. To be willing to attend Court to support solicitors and Counsel where necessary
  7. To assist with client communications and webinars
  8. To time record for tasks accurately to allow the Group to charge the rate defined by the (Management Board / Head of Department / Courts) for services provided;
  9. To ensure that the group’s policies and procedures and those laid out by regulatory bodies such as the Solicitors Regulation Authority are complied with fully at all times;
  10. To ensure that all work undertaken is appropriate to workload and level of knowledge and experience, systematically informing the Head of Department or a principal of any concerns and referring work which can be carried out more effectively or efficiently by another fee earner;
  11. To actively assist other members of the department where appropriate, notably in providing cover for holidays etc.
  12. To endeavour to improve knowledge and skills where appropriate;
  13. To keep accurate and up to date records of time, money, bills etc.

Skills: (Essential)

  1. Good communication skills
  2. Ability to demonstrate empathy and understanding to bereaved families
  3. Excellent time management
  4. Excellent organisational skills
  5. Excellent IT skills
  6. Excellent drafting skills
  7. Competent in Microsoft word and Excel
  8. Ability to work under pressure
  9. Ability to manage own workload and prioritise tasks
  10. Honesty and integrity

Skills: (Desirable)

  1. Knowledge of Proclaim case management software
  2. Awareness of Inquiry/Inquest practice area
  3. Experience of time recording and justifying work carried out on assessment
  4. Experience of Relativity platform
  5. Experience of Egress software
  6. Data analysis experience