Pure Ideas and Avidity IP (powered by MAPD) were invited by the Department of Business and Trade (Midlands) to participate in Medica 2023. This year it was in Dusseldorf from November 13th to 16th. Medica stands as the world’s largest Healthcare Sector Trade Fair, spanning four days and featuring over 5,000 exhibitors from 70 countries, attracting more than 83,000 visitors. The event was a premium platform for exhibitors to showcase innovations in Life Sciences and Medical Technology.

Pure Ideas and Avidity IP in Medica 2023

For Pure Ideas and Avidity IP, the occasion was not only an excellent opportunity to increase awareness about the significance of intellectual property (IP) protection in these sectors, but also to highlight the extensive expertise and technical proficiency of their attorneys. The combined experience of our experienced patent attorneys from both organisations covers a broad spectrum within the two domains. Additionally, the event provided a valuable chance for our teams to get up to speed on the latest technological advancements in the sector.

In the healthcare sector, products must adhere to stringent regulatory standards to ensure their safety when utilised for diagnosis and treatment. Innovating and developing a product in this industry requires substantial time and investment. Patent protection plays a pivotal role, offering a monopoly to innovators and developers. This monopoly allows them to recoup investments by securing a dominant market position throughout the patent’s lifespan and generating income through technology licensing.

What are Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPCs)?

Patents typically have a term of 20 years from the grant but the length of protection might be extended. In certain areas and for certain patents,  through Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPCs) – typically for active ingredients present in pharmaceutical or plant protection patents where stringent regulations mean that a 20-year timeframe may be insufficient to bring new medical innovation to market.  SPCs provide an extended term, enabling product developers to recover investments by maintaining a market monopoly for a specified period in excess of 20 years.

The importance of finding the right patent attorney in this niche sector

Obtaining patent protection for methods of treating the human and animal body can be challenging due to explicit exclusions in the UK Patents Act and the European Patent Convention. Engaging the services of a patent attorney experienced in this niche sector is crucial for optimal outcomes. These professionals possess the skills to draft patent claim language that navigates these exclusions and a deep understanding of legal precedent and effective arguments to persuade Patent Examiners to grant patents.

At MEDICA 2023, Adam Renwick, the Commercial Manager of Avidity IP, represented the company. Here is what he says about his experience at the event:

The opportunities offered by the more than 5000 exhibitors at MEDICA 2023 and the 700+ exhibitors at CompaMed 2023 allowed both Vikki and I to meet and network with a vast number of executives from every facet of the Med Tech industry be they potential clients, partners, suppliers or experts in their field.

In addition, we were able to stay updated on the latest trends, technologies, and developments in the medical industry. This knowledge can be crucial for adapting our business strategy, identifying new market opportunities, and staying ahead of the competition.

How can we help?

Avidity IP has a long-established reputation as a centre of excellence for patent services in the Life Sciences sector. Our experienced attorneys, with strong scientific backgrounds, have successfully secured valuable portfolios for various Life Sciences clients and achieved success in high-profile European Patent Oppositions. If you’d like to learn more about us and how we can help you, contact us here.