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Trade Marks & Branding

Our Trade Marks & Branding Team

Avidity IP operate a total lifecycle Trade Mark and related IP Practice.

Avidity can provide a depth of expertise across diverse industries, including FMCG, Aerospace, Finance, Medical, Military and Media, alongside Entertainment, Sports, Education, Construction and Automotive.

We help align clients’ IP portfolio with their business strategy from a professional, dynamic and global perspective in the ever-changing legal landscape. We do this by understanding your business needs.

Trade Mark Protection

We are typically engaged in developing a filing strategy to protect an existing brand and further develop the brand equity, conducting clearance searches for proposed brands to identify any business risk in proceeding, or providing watching services to identify whether third parties may be encroaching upon your rights. We can also aid in seeking to defend challenges to your registrations, or as appropriate, challenge others seeking to register rights that might restrict your business or seek to remove rights that block the path to your own brand development.

Avidity IP also has expertise in other Intellectual Property matters that affect brand owners, including advising in relation to copyright issues, engaging with our clients in relation to take down procedures across a variety of Internet platforms in relation to abuse of their registered rights and challenging abusive Domain Names.

Our services are all offered under our attractive pricing model.

Strategic Brand Services

In order to fully understand the commercial needs of clients Avidity has built a team of highly experienced individuals who have operated in industry and developed brands with powerful global reach. This team are available to clients, regardless of whether or not Avidity legal professionals are engaged in the protection of their IP, to assist in matters such as licensing, retail presentation and marketing strategy and much more.

Avidity brand marketing specialists have played defining roles in the creative development and the commercialisation of countless household brands, many of which are now valued in the tens of millions of dollars. Their experience and knowledge is available to clients of all sizes and can be applied to brand marketing projects at any stage of the commercial or creative journey. The requirement may be for a packaging or manufacturing solution, or a call for the creation of a style guide for a range of branded merchandise, the Avidity branding team can advise.

Registered Designs

Having a Design Registration in-place can make dealing with copyists and pirated goods easier and swifter, and Avidity’s team of professionals have extensive experience and skills in the incorporation of these rights into clients’ marketing and IP strategies. Helping our clients to protect the aesthetic features of their products, including aspects of shape and packaging, and indeed patterns and colours, is something we can do both swiftly and with modest cost.

In each case, we work closely with our clients to help determine the optimum filing strategy in order to obtain the best protection for the product concerned. Thereafter, we will advise on the commercial and legal merits regarding potential infringement and how best to enforce the rights held.

Avidity’s professionals have direct access to a wealth of product development knowledge in this field and are supportive of the challenges faced by clients – particularly those of a regulatory nature.