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Support Services

Avidity IP has a varied and well experienced team of dedicated support personnel.

Each office houses a small team of qualified Intellectual Property Administrators who support both Attorneys and Clients in the day-to-day management of IP, as well as carrying out more specific company-wide roles. Avidity IP also has dedicated ‘European Validations’ and ‘International Renewals’ departments, where expertise is more finely honed on these complex tasks. Our Support Services enable Attorneys and Clients alike to focus on the more important IP requirements.

International Renewals

Intellectual Property Rights come in all shapes and sizes, and keeping track of the necessary requirements in even a modest portfolio is a complex and time consuming task. Our team have the experience and knowledge to handle everything, from single UK Trade Mark renewals to managing large International Patent portfolios.

We pride ourselves on taking the burden off the Client, providing advice and handling the various requirements accurately and efficiently.

Working with preferred foreign associates, and regularly reviewing and re-negotiating with providers ensures that our Renewals are as cost efficient as possible. This allows our clients to both maintain a broad portfolio and preserve their IP budget. With notifications and reminders individually tailored to each clients’ needs, and easy to understand costs, our Renewals Service is highly valued and praised by our clients.

European Patent Validations

On the grant of a European Patent every client is faced with the same question – just how many countries do you want to cover? For some, the question is simple and the same strategy is followed time and time again – for others, specialist guidance and information is needed.

Our team are here for everyone, whether you simply want to place an order, or need to talk about your options. We can provide detailed advice on the costs in each country, and provide strategies for reducing costs where validations in multiple countries can take advantage of shared translations or cross-border local associates.

Our fees are driven down by making use of bulk-orders, and re-negotiating costs with preferred providers, which allows us to provide a competitive fee structure. Whether it be ‘France, Germany and the UK’ or ’all 38 contracting states’ our team are dedicated to providing the best service possible, tailored to your specific needs.

Technology Readiness Health-check

Avidity recognises the hazards of the current patent system. A significant proportion of UK patent applications fail to reach grant, only a small minority are successfully commercialised. This is something few firms tend to speak out about.

Technology de-risking and market-qualification within the ‘elastic’ pre-publishing period are key to a patent’s success. We want to be recognised for the high-integrity firm that files the most robust patent at the right point in time.

Particularly relevant for our Engineering clients, we are not afraid to defer drafting and support our new clients with critical early-stage technology development or commercial review services.

Avidity has built a small team of seasoned technologists and credible innovation mentors whose backgrounds centre on solid proof-of-concept and market-diligence activities. These former technology consultants from large international consultancies have significant track-record across medtech, cleantech, FMCG and industrial sectors. This breadth of experience is useful but importantly, their key expertise is in sound, pragmatic process coaching; our clients remain the best experts in their technology field.

During our regular initial client contact we offer free innovation health-checks via phone call or short meeting. Relevant to some but not all, this checklist aims to quickly establish readiness for filing and identify any gaps that could restrict the usefulness of the patent protection being sought.

Outcomes from this short exercise can be as simple as planning support for existing R&D activities, through to practical interventions, led by our team, in prototyping, validation and commercialisation topics. We have surprised and delighted current clients by solving grant-writing, CE-marking, demonstrator production and off-shore manufacturing challenges to help remove road-blocks from the patenting process.