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Med Tech

Our Med Tech Team

A diverse team adding value to all of the major Engineering disciplines.

Avidity attorneys complete regular filing and prosecution with notable professionalism, removing surprises and uncertainty for our clients. We are commercially aware and offer a range of costing models to suit different client needs.

We are industry and client-recognised for resolving complex IP matters.

Chemistry and Material Science

Avidity’s Chemistry and Material Science team handles IP protection and related searches and advice for the whole range of chemical, applied chemical, chemical engineering and materials science technologies that extend beyond the remit of our Life Sciences group.

The group is involved in technologies of key commercial importance as diverse as: plastics and functional polymers, ceramics, metal alloys and welding materials, catalytic converters, friction and lubricity materials, construction materials, composites and laminates, along with oil and fuel technologies, nanotech, greentech, cleantech and medtech products and processes, NMR spectroscopy, and fuel cell technology, to name but a few.

The Chemistry and Material Science team enjoy a track record of success in high stakes oppositions and appeals before the EPO, both to resolve potential infringement issues and to maintain clients’ competitive advantage.


The Engineering team has significant experience in all aspects of electronics. Team members have worked on the designs of and the processes for manufacturing semiconductor devices, including organic semiconductor and optoelectronic devices and microprocessors. We have worked for major clients in the fields of telecoms, printing and note handling, electron microscopy, lighting and electronic medical devices.

Software is often a key component of electronics innovation and our team has skills and experience in drafting and successfully prosecuting software patent applications for inventions ranging from mobile phone interfaces to image processing. In addition to the more usual drafting and prosecution work, we can provide freedom-to-operate opinions and have been involved in opposing and applying to revoke others’ patents on behalf of our clients.