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Life Sciences

Our Life Sciences Team

The Avidity Life Sciences team are hugely experienced in the application of legal knowledge within a broad range of commercial scenarios and practice areas:

As a firm, we are well equipped to advise in the life science specific areas of IP law, including the ever-evolving area of Supplementary Protections Certificates or ‘SPCs’. Our life science professionals understand client perspective, with a significant number having worked within industry management positions. These attorneys are highly skilled in freedom to operate projects, product portfolio management and launch strategies.

The Avidity Life Sciences team fully appreciates the broader commercial implications of patents and applications; our senior attorneys have undertaken external IP due diligence within the context of investment planning, e.g. stock market listing/IPO, as well as other transactional work, such as company mergers and acquisitions. Concerning more contentious matters, our attorneys have established close working relationships with well-regarded members of chambers and technical experts to support litigation in this technical area.


Our life science attorneys are technically and legally experienced to act for clients in all areas of biotechnology. Some of our attorneys were involved at an early stage in pioneering developments in the life science field, such as PCR and genetics technologies and this key knowledge and experience has been passed directly through our firm. From nucleic acid arrays and the next generation sequencing to state of the art gene editing techniques such as CRISPR/CAS-9, we are able to quickly understand and protect your inventions, while providing practical commercial advice on IP strategy.

Our attorneys also protect inventions in the immunological space, with experience abound with antibodies and related technologies, such as immunological assays and companion diagnostics. We can also draw on our attorney’s knowledge and experience of microbiological and biochemical fields gleaned from collective years of research experience in academia and industry.


We have a strong pharmaceutical patent and supplementary protection certificate (SPC) practice built up over many years of working with industry leaders. A significant number of our life science professionals have a clear understanding of our clients’ perspective, especially concerning the life cycle of pharmaceuticals and the commercial needs associated therewith. Our attorneys have worked within management positions and are highly skilled in freedom to operate projects, product portfolio management and launch strategies.

In addition to pharmaceutical chemistry and new chemical entities, our attorneys have extensive experience handling second medical uses, diagnostic methods and kit inventions before the various patent offices of the world. This complex and rapidly evolving area of law is a large part of our everyday practice and we are able to draw on our experience to guide these inventions through the patent offices.

Medical Devices

Avidity attorneys are highly skilled and experienced in obtaining relevant protection for all classifications of medical device, both in-house and for private clients. This includes surgically invasive devices, surgical instruments and implantable devices, as well as active medical devices, diagnostic medical devices and drug delivery systems.

Avidity’s professionals have direct access to a wealth of product development knowledge in this field and are supportive of the challenges faced by clients – particularly those of a regulatory nature.

Personal Care

Our Attorneys have handled a variety of commercial products for household names in this field; they have worked in the areas of personal hygiene, infant care and feminine products, as well as, cosmetics and items associated therewith, such as dispensers and the like.


Several of our attorneys are trained chemists with many years of experience in research and industry. We regularly handle chemical inventions from organic LED displays, industrial paints and lubricants through to agricultural chemicals, fertilisers and dyestuffs. The Attorneys in this group are experienced in applying their general chemical knowledge to wider applications beyond the medical space.